Accepted Papers



A Benders decomposition for the flexible cyclic jobshop problem

Houssin Laurent, Hamaz Idir, Quinton Félix

Structural and Experimental Comparisons of Formulations for a Multi-Skill Project Scheduling Problem with Partial Preemption

Artigues Christian, Lopez Pierre, Polo Meji­a Oliver

Minimizing the costs induced by perishable resource waste in a chemotherapy production unit

Robbes Alexis, Kergosien Yannick, Andre Virginie, Billaut Jean-Charles

Integrated production and delivery problem : case of several manufacturers and one customer

Chevroton Hugo, Kergosien Yannick Berghman Lotte, Billaut Jean-Charles

Resource availability and resource utilization cost problems

Boctor Fayez Fouad

Decision trees for robust scheduling

Portoleau Tom, Artigues Christian, Guillaume Romain

A constraint programming approach for planning items transportation in a workshop context

Antuori Valentin, Huguet Marie-José, Hebrard Emmanuel, Essodaigui Siham, Nguyen Alain

A branch-and-price algorithm for redundancy allocation problem

Reihaneh Mohammad

Index merge in application to multi-skill project scheduling

Arkhipov Dmitry, Battaia Olga

Open shop problem with agreement graph: new results

Tellache Nour Elhouda, Boudhar Mourad, Yalaoui Farouk

Consequences of a new staffing policy constraint in a semiconductor manufacturing environment

Werling Joris, Yugma Claude, Soukhal Ameur, Mohr Thierry

Modular equipment optimization in the design of multi-product reconfigurable manufacturing systems

Yelles-Chaouche Abdelkrim R, Gurevsky Evgeny, Brahimi Nadjib, Dolgui Alexandre

An FPTAS for Scheduling with Piecewise-Linear Nonmonotonic Convex Time-Dependent Processing Times and Job-Specific Agreeable Slopes

Sedding Helmut A.

Non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm for a bi-objective flexible flow shop problem. A Case Study.

Ibeth Grattz Rodríguez, Jose-Fernando Jimenez, Eliana María González-Neira, Nicolás Eduardo Puerto Ordóñez, Yenny Alexandra Paredes Astudillo, Juan Pablo Caballero-Villalobos

Multi-project scheduling problems with shared multi-skill resource constraints

Meya Haroune, Cheikh Dhib, Emmanuel Néron, Ameur Soukhal, Hafedh Mohamed Babou, Mohamedade Nanne

An Experimental Investigation on the Performance of Priority Rules for the Dynamic Stochastic Resource Constrained Multi-Project Scheduling Problem

Philipp Melchiors, Rainer Kolisch, John Jack Kanet

A Discrete Time Markov Decision Process to support the scheduling of re-manufacturing activities

Massimo Manzini, Alessio Angius, Marcello Urgo

Metric Estimations for a Resource Leveling Problem With Variable Job Duration

Ilia Tarasov, Alain Haït, Olga Battaïa

On the complexity of the crossdock truck-scheduling problem

Quentin Fabry, Alessandro Agnetis, Cyril Briand, Lotte Berghman

Decomposition approach for fixed jobs multi-agent scheduling problem on parallel machines with renewable resources

Boukhalfa Zahout, Ameur Soukhal, Patrick Martineau

Optimization of order for containers placement schedule in rail terminal operations

Igor Grebennik, Nadiia Kalaida, Rémy Dupas

Scheduling of battery charging tasks with limited common power source

Rafal Rozycki, Tomasz Lemanski, Grzegorz Waligora, Jan Weglarz

Scheduling and Routing Workers Teams for Ground Handling at Airports with Column Generation.

Giacomo Dall'Olio, Rainer Kolisch

A Serial Schedule Generation Scheme for Project Scheduling in Disaster Management

Niels-Fabian Baur, Julia Rieck

Solution Repair by Inequality Network Propagation in LocalSolver

Léa Blaise

A Generation Scheme for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Partially Renewable Resources and Time Windows

Mareike Karnebogen, Jürgen Zimmermann

A Conjunctive-disjunctive Graph Modeling Approach for Job-Shop Scheduling Problem with Changing Modes

Xavier Delorme, Gérard Fleury, Philippe Lacomme, Damien Lamy

Linear inequalities for neighborhood based dominance properties for the common due-date scheduling problem

Anne-Elisabeth FALQ, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Pierre Fouilhoux

Duplication and sequencing of unreliable jobs

Alessandro Agnetis, Paolo Detti, Ben Hermans, Marco Pranzo

Ultimate Instance Reduction for the Routing Open Shop

Ilya Chernykh

Embedded vision systems buffer minimization with energy consumption constraint

khadija hadj salem, Tifenn Rault, Alexis Robbes

Scheduling problems with processing time dependent profit: applications and a nice polynomial case

Florian Fontan, Nadia Brauner, Pierre Lemaire

Solving large, long-horizon resource constrained multi project scheduling problems with genetic algorithms

Brendan Hill, Adam Scholz, Lachlan Brown, Ana Novak

A two-stage robust approach for minimizing the weighted number of tardy jobs with profit uncertainty

Henri Lefebvre, François Clautiaux, Boris Detienne

Multi-Scenario Scheduling with Rejection Option to Minimize the Makespan Criterion

Miri Gilenson, Dvir Shabtay

An analytical model for budget allocation in risk prevention and risk protection

Xin Guan, Mario Vanhoucke

Mixed-Integer Programming Formulations for the Anchor-Robust Project Scheduling Problem

Pascale Bendotti, Philippe Chrétienne, Pierre Fouilhoux, Adèle Pass-Lanneau

Generating instances for the two-stage multi-machine assembly scheduling problem

Carla Talens, Victor Fernandez-Viagas, Paz Perez-Gonzalez

Mathematical models for airport ground operation assignment and scheduling

Catherine Mancel, Silvia Padron, Marcel Mongeau, Mohammed Sbihi, Thu Huyen Dao

An acceleration procedure for several objective functions in the permutation flow shop scheduling problem

Victor Fernandez-Viagas, Jose M. Molina-Pariente, Carla Talens, Jose M. Framinan

The Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem: New Benchmark Results

Stefan Creemers

The impact of limited budget on the corrective action taking process

Jie Song

Exact solution of the two-machine flow shop problem with 3 operations

Federico Della Croce, Fabio Salassa, Vincent T'kindt

Adversarial bilevel scheduling on a single machine

Federico Della Croce, Vincent T'kindt

A comparison of proactive and reactive scheduling approaches for the RCPSP with uncertain activity durations

Pedram Saeedi, Erik Demeulemeester

Search space reduction in MILP approaches for the robust balancing of transfer lines

Aleksandr Pirogov, André Rossi, Evgeny Gurevsky, Alexandre Dolgui

Adapting the RCPSP framework to Evacuation Problems

Alain Quilliot

Local Search Algorithm to Solve a Scheduling Problem in Healthcare Training Center

Simon Caillard, Laure Brisoux Devendeville, Corinne Lucet

Evaluation of Scheduling Policies for the SRCPSP in a Dynamic Multi-Project Environment

Hendrik Weber, Rainer Kolisch

Multi-Objective Robotic Assembly Line Balancing Problem: A NSGA-II Approach Using Multi-Objective Shortest Path Decoders

Youssef Lahrichi, Sylvie Norre, Laurent Deroussi, Nathalie Grangeon

A new tool for analysing and reporting solutions for the RCPSP and MMRCPSP

José Coelho, Mario Vanhoucke, Ricardo Amaro

Heuristics for Scheduling Pipe-laying Support Vessels: An Identical Parallel Machine Scheduling Approach

Victor Abu-Marrul, Davi Mecler, Rafael Martinelli, Silvio Hamacher, Irina Gribkovskaia

A Comparison of two MILP formulations for the resource renting problem

Max Reinke, Jürgen Zimmermann

Minimizing Flow Time on a Single Machine with Job Families and Setup Times.

Arnaud Malapert, Margaux Nattaf

Planning problem in Healthcare domain

Olivier Gérard, Laure Brisoux Devendeville, Corinne Lucet

Towards the Optimisation of the Dynamic and Stochastic Resource-Constrained Multi-Project Scheduling Problem

Ugur Satic, Peter Jacko, Christopher Kirkbride

Solving the Multi-mode Resource Investment Problem with Constraint Programming

Patrick Gerhards

Scheduling loads injection during flows merging in a collector

Blandine Vacher, Antoine Jouglet, Dritan Nace, Stéphane Pietrowicz, Marwane Bouznif

A New Lower Bound Approach for the Multi-mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Christian Stürck

A Continuous-Time Model for the Multi-Site Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem

Mario Gnägi, Norbert Trautmann

The Group Shop Scheduling Problem with power requirements

Damien Lamy, Simon Thevenin

Optima Localization for the Routing Open Shop: Computer-aided Proof

Olga Krivonogova, Ilya Chernykh

The generalised resource-constrained project scheduling problem with flexible resource profiles

Matthew Bold, Burak Boyaci, Chris Kirkbride, Marc Goerigk

How to find Critical Mass of Task Threatening the Projects

Tomas Subrt, Helena Brozova

Solving the stochastic multimode resource-constrained project scheduling problem

Szwarcfiter Claudio, Avraham Shtub, Yale T. Herer

Practical application of Reference Class Forecasting: identifying the properties of similarity

Wout Vandoorne, Mario Vanhoucke

Maximizing value—Modeling and solving lean project management

Szwarcfiter Claudio, Avraham Shtub, Yale T. Herer

Scheduling to minimize maximum lateness in tree data gathering networks

Joanna Berlińska

On the Activity Criticality in Project Scheduling with Generalized Precedence Relationships

Lucio Bianco, Massimiliano Caramia, Stefano Giordani

A new solution procedure for multi-skilled resources in resource-constrained project scheduling

Jakob Snauwaert, Mario Vanhoucke

Robust scheduling for target tracking with wireless sensor network considering spatial uncertainty

Florian Delavernhe, André Rossi, Marc Sevaux

A column generation algorithm for the single machine parallel batch scheduling problem

Onur Ozturk

Near-Linear Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Problems with Setup Times

Klaus Jansen, Max Deppert

An analysis of critical alternatives in the RCPSP-AS

Tom Servranckx, Mario Vanhoucke

New benchmark datasets for the RCMPSP

Rob Van Eynde, Mario Vanhoucke

Using exponential smoothing to integrate the impact of corrective actions on project time forecasting

Annelies Martens, Mario Vanhoucke

Constructing sets of project schedules to cope with disruptions during project execution

Jeroen Burgelman, Mario Vanhoucke

A Tabu-Search Algorithm for Robust Project Scheduling

Oncu Hazir, Klaus Werner Schmidt

Computational Experiments for the Heuristic Solutions of the Two-Stage Chain Reentrant Hybrid Flow Shop and Model Extensions

Lowell Lorenzo

A Stochastic Programming Model to Schedule Projects under Cash Flow Uncertainty

Berfin Kutlag, Nazli Kalkan, Serhat Gul, Oncu Hazir

Why and how to evaluate the task threatness

Helena Brozova, Tomas Subrt, Jan Rydval, Petra Pavlickova

On a Polynomial Solvability of the Routing Open Shop with a Variable Depot

Antonina Khramova, Ilya Chernykh

Exact and heuristic methods for characterizing optimal solutions for the 1||Lmax

Tifenn Rault, Ronan Bocquillon, Jean-Charles Billaut

A mixed integer programming approach for scheduling aircraft arrivals at terminal airspace fixes and runway threshold

Sana Ikli, Catherine Mancel, Marcel Mongeau, Xavier Olive, Emmanuel Racheslon

Minimizing Delays in Aircraft-Landing Scheduling

Marie-Sklaerder Vié, Nicolas Zufferey, Roel Leus

Buffer Sizing in Critical Chain Project Management by Network Decomposition

She Bingling, Chen Bo, Hall Nicholas

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